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The Art of Lean Filmmaking

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We get it. Making an independent feature film is fucking hard.

  • You’ve made lots of short films, yet somehow can’t seem to level up to a feature.
  • You’ve tried for years to get a project off the ground, with little success.
  • You’ve followed the film industry playbook, but still haven’t caught a break.

No wonder your filmmaking goals can feel out of reach.

If only there was an alternative process to make a feature film that saved you time, money and energy (but wasn’t just for low-budget or cheap ideas).

Well, there is!

Learn how to go from development to distribution in a radical new way with The Art of Lean Filmmaking.

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Lean Filmmaking dramatically overhauls obsolete ideas revered by the film industry.

It’s not the same old, same old. It isn’t taught at film schools and it’s definitely not endorsed by out-of-touch filmmaking gurus.

“I don’t know how they managed to reinvent the wheel into an all-new wheel, yet they did.” —Vanessa Burt, writer/producer

The pandemic has put traditional systems under a harsh spotlight. The film industry is being forcefully disrupted and TBH, it’s long overdue.

We don’t want things to go “back to normal”.

Who needs the toxic hustle culture, auteur theory glorification, unsustainable practices and ongoing exclusion of diverse voices? 

Not us. No. Thank. You.

“Lean Filmmaking looks to the future of filmmaking, rather than being stuck in the past.” —Chelsea Denny, writer/director/producer

It’s an exciting time for curious, daring and inventive filmmakers who want to challenge the status quo.

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Hello, we’re Kylie & David

We’re the co-founders of Lean Filmmaking.

We’re creative agitators, process nerds, agile enthusiasts.

We’re also siblings.

Kylie is a filmmaker, arts marketer and creativity coach. David is a CTO, software developer and agile coach. We combined our expertise to re-imagine the development, production and distribution of independent films.

We spent years testing, researching and refining our unique Lean Filmmaking Five-Step Method. It’s our radical roadmap for the future of filmmaking.

We provide coaching, training and resources for bold filmmakers looking for an alternative pathway to build sustainable creative careers.

Along the way we’ve been told every single reason why it won’t work.

That’s understandable. Our strategies do seem counterintuitive. But maybe a big paradigm shift is just what we need in these uncertain times.

Learn more about our story and values.

Together, let's do filmmaking better

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