A little bit about our story & values

We’re Kylie Eddy (she/they) and David Eddy (he/him).

Yup, we’re also siblings.

Kylie was a writer/director/producer and David was a software developer and agile coach.

We combined our skills to create Lean Filmmaking.

When David first suggested applying agile principles to filmmaking to Kylie over a decade ago, her reaction was less than enthusiastic.

In fact, she thought it sounded like bullshit.

After investing so much of her identity in the traditional film industry, there was a lot to unlearn. But after a few small experiments, she saw results that were impossible to ignore. (We go into detail about this in our book!)

Since then, we’ve done many more experiments including over fifty events, from Filmmakathons (our version of a tech hackathon for filmmakers) through to an Accelerator Program for squads to developed features in fifteen weeks.

We spent years testing, researching and refining our unique Five-Step Method and distilled what we’ve learnt so far into The Art of Lean Filmmaking. 

But that’s just the beginning.

We’ve got exciting plans to help more filmmakers make films!

Our philosophy transforms filmmaking

Lean Filmmaking has four core values, that when combined with Make-Show-Adjust Cycles, re-imagines the process of making films.

Collaboration is key

We prioritize working together in ways that strengthen meaningful collaboration by operating in small squads that are cross-functional, non-hierarchical and self-organizing.

Fan focused first

We challenge the squad to see their film through the eyes of their fans, from inception to completion, for a compelling fan experience.

Story before production values

We believe that powerful storytelling is intrinsic to the merit of films. Our creative effort is focused on validating the story first, then enhancing the film by adding production values.

Learn by doing

We believe there’s no substitute for hands-on learning experiences. The squad actively gains insights by doing the work, rather than wasting time on excessive documentation and arbitrary planning.

Make-Show-Adjust Cycles

The work of planning, filming and learning is organized into small continuous cycles. Make-Show-Adjust Cycles bring the core values to life.

Our mission is to make the film industry better for everyone


In the past, gatekeepers like studios, distributors and exhibitors had the power to dictate which films got made and what audiences saw on screens. They’ve had a notorious reputation for silencing marginalized voices, discouraging diversity and lacking inclusivity.

But you don’t need permission from the gatekeepers to make your film anymore.

Lean Filmmaking lowers the barriers of entry so filmmaking is more accessible for everyone.

We offer an alternative pathway for filmmakers to make independent features and build sustainable creative careers.

We also ensure Lean Filmmaking training programs are inclusive and encourage diversity.

We use gender-neutral language and avoid ableist terminology. We recognize language is constantly evolving and we will sometimes unintentionally get it wrong. When this happens, we’ll apologize and rectify our mistake. We take responsibility for continuing to educate ourselves.

We offer scholarships to our online course, The Art of Lean Filmmaking, for people underrepresented in the screen industry, including those who are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, neurodiverse, women or non-binary and those experiencing financial hardship. Apply: [email protected].

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