4 things you need for a successful film

Jul 29, 2022

These are the four things we think you need for a successful film...

Creative Ambition

It’s important to be passionate about the creative ambition for the project. 

When working in a squad, this should be a shared interest that everyone is willing to explore, like a genre, style, subject matter, theme or even an aspirational vision.

You don’t need a script (or even a story) at this stage. It’s better to find the spark of an idea to explore together.

Fan Interest

The film is unlikely to get very far without any interest from fans. 

The squad must connect with fans who have demonstrated a strong interest in the film. They want to buy it, watch it and recommend it to others. It’s easier to find these people if you have a film idea that’s in a well-defined niche.

A large part of the work done by the squad is figuring out how to discover fans.

Squad Constraints

It's crucial to consider the squad’s specific constraints.

There are lots of variables here, like do you already own any gear, how much time do you have to work on the film and are you willing to spend your own money.

Of course, you can start small and when the squad validates the Story-Fan Fit they can increase the investment if required.

There’s also the opportunity to use other resources that the squad can access to expand the constraints. This can be any special talents (actors who can dance, speak a second language or sword fight), additional skills (writer who is also a graphic designer) or free elements that add production value (unique locations or unusual props).

Remember, creativity benefits from constraints!

An intersection between all the above

Individually, all of the above factors have a huge impact on the kind of film that can be made. 

But for a film to be truly successful, you'll need to find the intersection between all three.

That’s the sweet spot.

Finding this intersection will give you the best chance for a successful film.


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